A World Without Computers

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve heard about the new Flame Spyware that has infected Windows machines in Egypt, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria.  While we’re still safe in the United States, it’s interesting to consider what would happen in your office if your internet connection went down for a considerable amount of time.

  •  How would you communicate?  How would you make appointments?
    • Your cell phone is dead.
    • Do you have at least one land-line phone working?
    • Do you still have a working fax?
    • Will you return to snail mail?  How’s your stamp supply?
    • Keep them!
    •  Is your data stored in the cloud?
      • Do you have a local, earth-bound back-up?
      • Do you keep hard copies of critical data?
      • Start today.

Fortunately, this is a worst case scenario, but you need to consider how a computer disaster would affect your business as much as an earthquake or fire.

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