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I Do Windows

People know me as Dr. Bob the Computer Doctor and tell them “I do Windows!”

It is a catchy phrase. Because I always wear a Windows 10 cap, I occasionally get strangers to talk about their issues with Windows 10.  So let’s begin by discussing the basics.

  • First, in the MICROSOFT camp, Windows 10 is the last version.  It is the beginning of a subscription service for all user based computers, devices, cell phones, etc.  MICROSOFT is betting everything on this version.  MICROSOFT must improve their market share and WINDOWS 10 is their boat to stay afloat.   Further, because MICROSOFT needs large corporate business buy-in, WINDOWS 10 will change to meet every major need.  So expect that sooner or later everyone will be using it.
  • The subscription part of this new product will not be clear until July of 2016 when the initial “free” version upgrade offer ends.  However, starting now, expect version upgrades to be continuously made.  Like other products it will become Windows 10, revision # xxx.yyy, etc.  In the end you will have to pay for the upgrades.
  • For the individual, all the consumer businesses are selling new devices with Windows 10 for the home.
  • For corporations, there is corporate legacy software that is incompatible with Windows 10.  My vendors assure me that as long as corporations require older versions of Windows, they will provide them.  So, I am still selling new commercial devices with Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8 Professional.
  • As you know MICROSOFT is pushing all of you to upgrade to Windows 10 before July, 2015.  Some of your computers are easy to upgrade.  As strangers have shared, other computers are a nightmare.  My next blog will discuss best practices for deciding to “Upgrade or Not Upgrade”.