Last night (Saturday) the time changed and we lost an hour. To deal with this biennial event, I ask you to add two steps to the list that reminds you to change the batteries in your smoke detector.

First, buy extra batteries so you can change the the batteries in your uninterruptible power supplys (UPS) if they need changing.  It’s hard to know when to do that so I suggest you change them THIS year and add a label with the date. Then you can sleep in late for 2 years until March 2014 when you will need to change them again.

Second, check to make sure your computers’ clocks are correct. They are supposed to change automatically, but you know the three things you can’t control – death, taxes and computer problems.

If you run into trouble, call me Dr. Bob the Computer Doctor, because I still make house calls in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

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