I have a job for each one of you today when you return to your computer.        Go to www.dcwg.org to see if you’re one of the 570,000 computer users around the world who will lose internet access on July 9th.   This FBI security partner will tell you if you’ve been infected and explain how to fix the problem.

 The FBI says, this announcement is not a Y2K scare or a joke, but a real scam perpetrated by hackers who took advantage of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system to turn off antivirus updates and change the way computers translate web addresses into IP addresses owned by the attackers. The scam has netted at least $14 million so far, according to the FBI. Don’t let them get more – and don’t let you computers rely on the rogue servers for your internet browsing.

 Again, go to www.dcwg.org  today – or call Dr. Bob, the Computer Doctor if you have questions.

4/22/2012 Inland Valley Daily bulletin artical


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