Mega, Giga, Tera

Million, billion, trillion — megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes — the size of the average computer hard drive continues to expand. Years back we learned to backup 20 megabytes without too many problems. Now with modifications to your computer, two hundred thousand megabytes (200 gigabytes) can be backed up to keep your data safe. It takes time to backup however, and even greater time to recover data, especially if it means you need to search all the files to find a single file. With even small companies moving into the 1,000,000 megabyte (1 terabyte) world, the time it takes to back up and recover data is getting out of hand.

Last week I went to Symantec’s  launch of a new family of BACKUP EXEC products that address backup and recovery issues with greater compression, better recovery, and up to 100 times faster backup. Even more exciting, a single file can now be found drectly and rapidly. This means you can keep your computer backed up whether it talks in millions, billions or trillions of bytes.

Can you use one of these products for your business?

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