Office and Shop Floor Control

On TV, Chef Ramsey screams and hollers while he brings organization to a struggling kitchen. Dr, Bob can bring the same sense of order to your professional office, home-based business, or manufacturing shop without all the melodrama.


Network Design and Installation

Social networks have opened unexpected doors to unexpected people. Do you want your business network to become a free-for-all chat room? Dr. Bob, the computer doctor, can prevent this from happening by asking the right questions, designing the system or systems that fit your specific needs, and installing protocols and protections that work.


Hardware/Software Sales and Installation

Did you know there are over 94,000 software companies in the United States alone? How do you know which software products will be best for your business? You won’t find them by reading ads and shopping at Best Buy. Dr. Bob, the computer doctor, will recommend the specific hadware and software to match your specific needs, and then he will make sure that they work together seamlessly.

Internet Access and Security

Internet access is a requirement for any business today, and most likely you have an internet connection. Is it optimized for the needs of your business? Does it have the bandwidth you require, at a reasonable cost?

Internet access is only half the problem. In today’s connected world, internet theft and vandalism is rampant. Internet security is every bit as important as the lock on your front door, or your burglar alarm, or any other security system that you use.

Computer Maintenance and Support

Commercial computer systems are designed to run from three to ten years. To get the maximum use from your technology purchases, protect your investment by calling Dr. Bob for annual check-ups and regular upgrades of your software and firmware.

Backup and Recovery

Death, taxes, and computer crashes: all three are inevitable. To be prepared for the inevitable, it is essential to have current backups for all of your data. Studies show that for companies without adequate data backup, a computer failure often dooms the company to failure within months of the data loss

Dr. Bob can install a reliable data backup system that is easy to use on a daily basis, and more importantly it can make the recovery relatively painless when the inevitable happens.


You can’t get on the internet… Error messages are popping up in the middle of a project… All you can see is a blue screen… Maybe you have a virus… Dr. Bob has seen them all, and more importantly, can fix them all!